Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yay Science!

Greta Christina is someone who constantly does stuff to make me love her more.  So, her not being at Skepticon 5 was a disappointment.  Especially considering the reason she's not here.

But even in recovery from major surgery, she gave an amazing talk (via Skype). 

She's had a shitty year, but remains positive.  A positivity that may only be rivaled by Jerry DeWitt (more on that in a future post).

She praised her doctors for the surgery, and the inventors of the technology that allowed her to deliver this talk.  She also mentioned the weird things her brain has been doing during this time, and how being a skeptic & atheist helped her recognize it.

But the best line was clearly, "I don't have cancer. . . Yay science."

Yay science indeed.  We already lost Hitchens to cancer.  But we got to keep the perpetually awesome Greta Christina around for a bit longer.  Science may not solve all problems.  But it makes our world better than it otherwise would be.

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