Friday, November 9, 2012

What Do Atheists Do?

A question we often get about atheist organizations is about what we do.  They seem to think all we do is sit around and talk about how we don't believe in a god.  That's not even close to all we do.  Among the many things we do in Omaha Atheists are our regular game nights.  Nothing to do with religion.  Just people getting together and playing games.

Atheists attending Skepticon are no different.  We stumbled upon JT Eberhard last night at dinner and he was nice enough to invite us to a Nerf War happening at his friend's house in Springfield.

Part of the arsenal available.
This was my weapon for a bit.

My friend Kayla, being all badass

So, yeah.  We don't just sit around talking about how we don't believe in a god.

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