Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Matching Donation Offer For Recovering From Religion

My favorite national atheist organization is Recovering From Religion.  The local chapters function as support groups for people negatively impacted by religion.  They are for everyone from lifelong atheists to people who still believe but are questioning or otherwise experiencing problems.  They address the problems of religion right where they are occurring.  With people.

I bring them now because they have some news worth sharing:
We have exciting news that we are SO thankful for! After Darrel Ray's talk in Tucson on his book Sex and God, Steven Uhl stood up and challenged all 120 people in the audience to donate to RR AND he would match dollar for dollar any giving through the end of the tax year, up to $2,000. We are overwhelmed with his generosity and wonderfully surprised as well. The group gave $800 which matched equals $1600 for RR. He has said he will match up to another $1400 and maybe more! What better way to double your money than to send your tax-deductible donation to Recovering From Religion at http://recoveringfromreligion.org/pages/Donate.
We are growing fast and can only sustain our growth with your support. Our motto is, "There are thousands of groups that will get you into religion, ours is the only one that will help you get out." We need your help so we can help others!
So, if you were ever inclined to donate to this wonderful organization, now's the time.  If you want to help, but cannot afford a donation, you can help by using the link on their website when making purchases from Amazon.  They get a small percentage from those purchases, without it affecting the price you pay.

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