Saturday, November 24, 2012

Introducing Gusts of Atheos

In creating our atheist blogging network Storms of Atheos we had a discussion about how to give people, who didn't want to blog regularly, an outlet when they had something to say.  We came up with the idea of a dedicated blog, with all the authors being guest writers & named it Gusts of Atheos.

There is no set topic.  Posts can be on any topic you want, as long as there's at least some connection to atheism or religion. We have no intention to censor opinions or content, except to keep content within the limits of the law and/or reason. In other words, we won't allow threats of violence, copyright infringement, hate speech, misinformation, etc.  Other than that, just about anything goes.  If you have something say on the subject of religion or atheism, this is a place you can do it.

I will happily allow people to post opinions I do not agree with, as disagreement is how we learn and grow.  The purpose of this project is to give voice to many people, of differing opinions (save the one thing about not buying into the god thing).

We do prefer posts be made in your real name whenever possible but also understand the risk that being publicly atheist involves for many. We will make accommodations for posts to be made anonymously for anyone who has something to say but does not feel safe being "out" as an atheist.

To submit a post, just email us at or contact us via our Twitter or Facebook.

I hope to hear from many of you, with ideas of all kinds.  Especially those of you I've already talked to about contributing to this effort.

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