Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eric Hovind, I Have A Question For You - An Open Letter

Mr Hovind, I've seen this video of you, talking to an 11 year old boy named Chad, shared in numerous places today.  It appears to have had an impact.  

Chad's question was a good one.  I was disappointed that he did not get to make an excellent point that he appeared, to me, to be headed toward.

In your response to him you said "If you don't know everything, then you can't know anything to be absolutely true," and "You would have to know everything in order to say you know one thing to be absolutely certain."  It seems appropriate to apply those rules to your belief in your god.

By your own rules, you cannot possibly be certain of your god's existence unless you know everything.  Unless you know everything, you cannot rely on that god's "divine revelation" as you put it, because, according to your own rules, without knowing everything you cannot know that it actually is a divine revelation.

So, now that we've established that you cannot know your god exists unless you know everything, I now have only question for you.

What is in my pocket?

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