Sunday, November 4, 2012

Skepticon Needs Some Help

Skepticon 5 will be my first one, and I'm as excited about it as someone with my limited emotional capacity can be.  It's a free event for its guests, but it is far from free for its organizers.  JT Eberhard, one of the minds behind the creation of this event, is asking for help in the funding that allows them to make it a free event.
I’m writing you to ask that you make the lives of those organizers a little easier.  As Skepticon grows, the price grows up, and the cost of that free price tag in human effort becomes even more daunting.  At peak last year, Skepticon had about 1200 attendees.  This year, given the conversations I’ve had with atheist groups around the country over the last year, I’d say they can expect about 1600.  If every one of those people donated $5, that would make up the difference and then some.  Of course, Skepticon strives to cater to the poor, so we know not every person will be able to donate $5.  So if you are one of the lucky ones who has $10, toss that in.
If you're able to donate, please do so.

(Found via @Teresamacbain)

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