Saturday, November 17, 2012

Please Help JT Help Matt & Beth

I opened Facebook yesterday to pictures and posts from Beth Presswood (wife to Matt Dillahunty) of their ransacked house.

Today, I opened to a link to a post from JT Eberhard and his, not unexpected efforts to help them.  All three of them are excellent examples of what it means to be "Good Without God".
Matt is seriously a great guy.  So…I’m not in a place right now where I can donate.     Maybe at the first of next month.  If you feel like chipping in, you can send Matt a donation via paypal at the address sans.deity[at!]
Here’s what I can do: all the money I make off this post, I will donate to Matt next month.  I make $100 per 25,000 hits, so unless this post goes viral (or gets some help from reddit), it probably won’t be much.  But it’s money that none of us has to cough up individually, and I’ve made damn near $1,000 from a viral post before, so it’s possible.  It’s what I can do.
Please visit his post, upvote the post on Reddit, and share it wherever you can, to get it more attention so it can do more good.

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