Saturday, November 10, 2012

Protesters At Skepticon

We have Christian protesters for a 2nd day at Skepticon.  Those here today didn't run away as quickly as yesterday's.  It wasn't much different than I usually see.  Conversations on proof.  Morality.  The same general stuff these encounters always have.  One new thing I did notice was the civility.  These protesters weren't as angry, "You're all going to Hell", firebrand, as I'm used to.  So that was nice, at least.

I usually am eager to have someone fail to convert me, but between the pain I'm still in from Friday night, and the lack of anything new happening, I wasn't really in the mood to engage with the Christians.  Plus, the atheists I observed were already doing a fine job of it.  And this guy hadn't even stepped into yet.

I probably picked the wrong time to walk away, since I left right after Dillahunty walked over to where AronRa was talking to the guy with the cross pictured at the top of this post.  

As a bonus, there was this guy, who wasn't with the protesters.  He was with one of the other conventions also happening here this weekend.  But I had to sneak a picture anyway.  
His back really loves the instrument used to kill Jesus.

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