Sunday, May 12, 2013

Discerning With A Christian

I recently put out a request for a Christian blogger to dialogue with[1].  I had several responses.  I will probably end up taking more than one of them up on it, but for now, I'm starting with one. The Christian's blog is called The Discerning Christian[2].

The author describes himself[3] as moderate Christian and not a Biblical literalist.

His stated purpose[4] for the blog is:
This blog exists to equip Christian laymen with the philosophical tools to be more discerning in their understanding of Christianity.
Christianity finds itself at a turning point. For all of its attempts to be “relevant,” which usually involves buying new clothes for the pastors and playing modern styles of music, people are still leaving the faith. For all our apologists, our politicians, etc., etc., people are still leaving the faith.
I can’t blame them. It’s all lipstick on a pig, so to speak.
It is time we started taking our critics seriously. To that end, I write this blog. We don’t need convoluted arguments to keep our faith intact; we need to face reality, and that will change some of the things we believe. A realist does not fear the results of his experiments. The reality is that many lines of thinking in Christianity are inherently corrupt and foster cultures of abuse and intolerance. If we will know the children of God by their love for one another, then we should keep looking. I am here to help you look.
He's a Christian who says he wants to face reality and have coherent arguments.  I'm someone who thinks belief in Christianity (and every other theistic religion) has no rational justification.  This[5] should be a fun exercise.

Only time will tell if it's also productive.



  1. Looks interesting, should produce some good conversation.

  2. I just wrapped up an exchange with The Apologetic Professor on my blog. I've gotten a lot of good feedback from it.