Monday, April 22, 2013

Looking For A Christian Blogger To Be Socratic With

I'm looking for a Christian blogger to have a pro-longed back and forth with.  It would take the form of a series of blog posts.  Each post would include a response to the other's previous post and have a question for the other[1] to address in their next post.

My intended purpose is for us to create an understanding of the other's views.  For this project, I am proposing very few ground rules.
If you're interested, please post a link to your blog and your e-mail in the comments, tweet me[4] a link (with something extra to let me know you're not a spambot), e-mail me at[5].  If you're not interested, but know someone who might be, please send them a link to this post.

UPDATE:  I apparently need to add that attachments will not be opened.  Also, I will not click a shortened URL.  Both of these are for the obvious reasons.


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