Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Morning Shares - 05-18-2013

Here's the links & tweets to share from the last week.  Most were also shared on this Facebook page or retweeted.  Please add any fun or informative stories I missed in the comments.

Random Stuff:

To Abercrombie and Fitch: My weight was never my worth (via /r/BodyAcceptance/)

'Star Wars Kid' Blasts Bullies, Jedi Knights Defend Him (via @mashable)

20 Animals So Ugly They're Cute (via @mashable)

Sylvia Browne's Failed Amanda Berry Prediction Returns To Haunt Her

Dialect Map Of U.S. Shows How Americans Speak By Region (IMAGE) (via Jennifer)

Photograph shows a lion, tiger, and bear that live together in the same enclosure at an animal sanctuary (via @snopes)

Mark Twain Captured on Film by Thomas Edison in 1909. It’s the Only Known Footage of the Author. (via @Alyssa_Milano)


Google Timelapse Shows How Earth Has Changed in 28 Years (via @Alyssa_Milano)

Religion Stuff:

Butthurt Christians Oppressed By Sports Thing That Never Happened (via Becky)

The Myth of Christian Persecution (via /r/Freethought/)

Daddy, Daughter Discuss God (Again); More Cuteness Ensues (via /r/Freethought/)

(via Occupy Bacon)
9 Questions That Atheists Might Find Insulting (And the Answers) (via Sarah)

Atheists to Accept Georgia Governor’s Offer by Sending Atheist Books to State Parks

Pat Robertson marriage counseling: men sometimes cheat – go make the house nice. (via @jteberhard)

Gay Stuff:

George Takei Responds To "Traditional" Marriage Fans (via George Takei)

"Where were you when it mattered?" (via @hemantmehta)

'Geography of Hate' Maps Racist, Homophobic, Ableist Tweets (via @mashable)

Secular Coalition of America's Weekly Update:

National Secular Movement Update Call (05/16/2013)

Asshole Of The Week:

(via Reaganomics , Raping America since 1981)

Space Porn:

(via /r/spaceporn/)

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