Monday, May 13, 2013

Worth Your Attention - FFRFcrankmail

I've been planning a series of posts recommending people to follow for a while, as I've been fortunate enough to found enough such people that I had a backlog of suggestions immediately upon thinking of doing this.

This first in this series, wasn't intended to be first, as it's someone I discovered just a few days ago.  But, because people reading hate mail is one of my favorite things, I like this one enough to want to share it right away.  I'm talking about the the YouTube channel "FFRFcrankmail"[1].

The concept is simple.  Freethought Today[2] is a publication by the Freedom From Religion Foundation[3].  As is common for atheists in public eye[4], they get hate mail.  They publish some of that hate mail in Freethought Today.  The woman behind this channel reads that hate mail for our entertainment.

The best part is that neither of them correct grammar or spelling.  It's printed exactly as written and she reads it exactly as printed.  Including when it's in all caps.  The voices she gives them puts a nice twist on it too.  They attitude she gives the authors of these letters seems to fit pretty well.  She does it well enough to have gotten the attention of Freethought Today[5].

For your viewing convenience, I've included a playlist of the entire series[6] (23 so far).

Perhaps the channel will eventually get popular enough that she's reading her own hate mail[7] like some other atheists[8].

She can also be found on Twitter as @ffrfcrankmail[9].  And thank you to Hemant Mehta for sharing[10] this for me to have found.


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