Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Evangelical Vehicles

On the way out of HyVee tonight, I saw this.  


There's nothing particularly controversial about it, as it's the most commonly quoted Bible verse, and there's nothing about his god hating anyone.  Sure the owner of this truck holds delusional beliefs and seems to think this will convince others to share those delusions (so much so that he put up the sunscreen at night), but he's as free to hold those delusional beliefs as I am to point out that those beliefs are delusional.

The only thing more bullshit than his delusions about Jesus are the delusions many Christians have about supposedly being victimized by secularism.  What would happen to a vehicle that had the atheist equivalent.  If I put "Jesus is pretend" and a sunscreen with one of the many great atheist quotes?  How long would it last before it got vandalized?

Because I think we all know it would happen.  And the worst thing that'll happen to that guy is some atheist taking a picture of his truck and having a small rant on his blog.

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