Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Did You See That Atheism Super Bowl Commercial?

My Facebook news feed had a lot of shares of a video purporting to be a commercial for atheism that aired during the Super Bowl. It seemed out of place to me, as spending that much money isn't typical for atheist organizations.

This is the video that was being shared, mostly without much comment, seemingly under the impression it was the commercial that had aired.

But some did make reference to the fact that it wasn't the original:

It makes sense that some people confused Cult of Dusty's edit of the video as the original.  It makes way more sense as a commercial for atheism.  As a commercial for Scientology, it makes no fucking sense.  Nonconformity?  Thinking for yourself?  These things do not fit at all within my understanding of what happens within cults, including Scientology.  I guess I'll just take it as at least a partial win that the things the commercial promoted were what they were, even it was meant to promote a group that doesn't actually value.

One more way the original makes no sense is the last line.
Because in the eternal debate for answers, the one thing that's true is what's true for you.
Horseshit.  What's true is true regardless of what's "true for you".  Our perception of the truth has absolutely no bearing what the truth is.  Someone should tell the Church of Scientology to not take Stephen Colbert so seriously.

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