Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1 in 4 Nebraskans Is Non-Religious

Earlier today, Hemant Mehta shared[1] Gallup's new poll[2] about the most & least religious states.  It breaks down how you would expect, with the most religious states being either in the South or Utah.  

The "very religious" column is particularly disturbing, with even the least religious state, Vermont, having 1 in 5[3] people who chose that option and another 1 in 4 choosing "moderately religious".  But, in the spirit of my first post of 2013[4], I'm choosing to focus on the good news from this, like more than half of Vermont identifying themselves as non-religious.

This is why, while I'm bothered that my home state of Nebraska had 44% identifying as very religious, I'm happy about the non-religious column having 29%.  I think this bodes well for the future of groups like Omaha Atheists[5] and the rest of the member groups of the Omaha Coalition of Reason[6] and the conference we sponsor together, Apostacon (September 20-22, 2013)[7].

Nebraska has some awesome non-theist groups.  And now we have a reason to think there's plenty of people here, more than a fourth of our state, who could benefit from them.  That's the good news I'm taking out of this.


2.  Mississippi Maintains Hold as Most Religious U.S. State
3.  Numbers are rounded to fit into the fractions, of course.
4.  Positive Approach In 2013
5. (this website is currently in a transitional phase, so please forgive them any gaps in content)

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