Monday, October 29, 2012

So-Called Moderate Christians Do Not Get It

We've all heard moderate Christians chastising Fundamentalists for not being "true Christians".  They say their god is about love, not hate.

Writer Rachel Evans recently "A Year of Biblical Womanhood", in order to defend people having faith:
And though Evans says that she did the experiment playfully, it was meant to bring attention to a larger point — that there are more ways to be a woman of faith than what some evangelicals have selected from the Bible.
"I hate that the Bible has been used as ammunition [against women]," said Evans, "It blows my mind."
In writing about dealing with religious bullies, Jennifer Hancock wrote about the Bible's stance on pride:
No one knows what God’s will is or if He or She even has a will. NO ONE! Anyone who claims to know is either lying or deluded. If people are trying to gain social status because of their perceived piousness, they are guilty of the sin of pride because they have made it clear by their actions that they care more for their social status than they do about God’s teachings. The Bible is very clear on this. God doesn’t like pride. He loves the humble.
They're saying it's the Fundamentalists who are wrong, but they're also admitting those Fundamentalists are getting their hate directly from the Bible both Fundies & moderates believe is divinely inspired.  So, who is getting the religion right?  The Fundies who take their holy book at its word, or the moderates who ignore most of it?

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