Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Contest Needs Your Atheist Ideas

Atheism Resource is holding a contest on their Facebook page:
Dear Fellow Heathens, 
I am proud to announce our first user based contest. 
So, what is the contest about?
We want to hear from YOU. Do you have a quote that you came up with? Have an argument you think is insightful? We want to read it. But, we want it to be pasted on a picture of you, the contributor. So, break out your best image, quote, and Photoshop skills. We will pick five finalists over a period of five days and post their picture (one per day). Whomever receives the most likes by the end of the contest wins. 
Now, what do you win? Atheism fame? No. Something to put on your resume? Not if you live in America. What you will win is a $25 donation to any secular charity of your choice. 
How do you post? Simple. Take an image of yourself, post your legible quote on it, upload it to, then inbox us the link. We will choose one per day to share with the community, and their likes will decide who takes home the interwebz trophy, and we will do some charitable good in the process. 
Good luck!
- The Atheism Resource Team
I've probably come up with something worth submitting at some point.  If only I could remember any of it.

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