Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jesus Bumper Stickers And Non-Believers

"If you don't believe in God,
Does that make Him
any less real?

Are you a believer in Jesus
or just a fan?"
To answer those particular questions, "No" and "Neither".  My lack of belief does not make your god less real.  It's actually the other way around.  Your god not being real causes my lack of belief.  Regarding Jesus, I am neither a believer in Jesus nor a fan.

Signs & bumper stickers' like this used to bug me.  To me, they're Christians flaunting their religion, saying "Look how Christian I am", as if that makes them right or better than us non-Christians.  But now I like them.  

I've recently noticed a trend in the message involved.  These things very often target non-believers.  If they're so secure in their faith, why are they so threatened by those of us without faith.  Could it be that something inside them knows we're the ones who are right?

They'll continue to focus attention on us unless they somehow figure out how counterproductive to their goal such a tactic would be.  I don't see them figuring that out.  But I do see them hurting their own cause by provoking non-believers to poke more holes in their arguments.

Their fear of us being right will only show people that we are.  Thanks for helping atheism to grow, Christians. 

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