Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not All Atheists Are Good People

One of my least favorite things about religion is how they often blindly defend each other for heinous acts.  One of my favorite things about being an atheist is that I'm free to call out bad behavior wherever I see it, including from other atheists.  

Since the recent tragic suicide of 15-year-old Amanda Todd, many are showing off their lack of moral integrity, including some atheists.  For instance, some of the people running the Atheist Gamer Facebook page, are not only showing no compassion for this victim of bullying, but are defiantly defending their hate of a victim.  They're engaging in the very behavior that led to her death.

They are most definitely not the kind of atheist I ever want to associate with.  These are just two examples of many, and they've received plenty of support from fans of the page.  They can all be proud of themselves for being in a class with The Amazing Atheist, who's made himself known for this kind of shithead behavior.  It's like he wants to be King of the Bullies.

Unfortunately, there's no effective way to stop assholes from being assholes.  They'll continue to be the bullies they are, especially when the anonymity of the Internet, and the ability to stay in a bubble of people who agree with you, shield them from accountability.  The least we could do is stop rewarding their bad behavior.

When you see someone engaging in bullying, do not ignore it.  Call it out.  Publicly if possible.  Unlike the pages of bullies.  Unsubscribe from their channels.  Unfollow their Twitter.

Bullies will bully.  But we don't have to let them get away with it.

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