Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Helping A Child Eat

Teresa MacBain's a pretty awesome person[1].  So seeing her make a request for help is something I couldn't let go unanswered.
My friends, I must ask a favor. You know that I've never asked for any personal favors, but this is a desperate situation. My nephew has lost his job which has put his family in a very bad spot. While that is a tough thing, (which many of you have or may be facing) the big issue is his 2 year old son. Noah was born with PKU ( which is a serious condition. Noah can't eat any protein at all, ever. Because of the PKU, he has to eat special food that is very expensive. (Formula is $695 per month!) Obviously, they don't have the funds to buy his food. Get this... they went to their catholic church and they told them that they couldn't help. The disease is so rare (only 14k cases) that there aren't any resources for Noah. 
My sister (the one who is very religious and tells me that she is so upset that she won't see me in heaven) called to tell me about Noah. She personally asked me if my "atheist friends" would help. Did you get that? The church won't help so my sister is asking for my atheist friends to help. 
I'm not asking you to send me or them money. All that we have to do is go online to the PKU store and purchase a gift certificate for my nephew. If you're willing to do this, send me a PM and I'll give you the information you need to get it to Noah.
Where the church refused to help, I believe atheists will step up.  To help, please visit the donation page Teresa created[2]

But don't do it to show up the Catholics.  Don't do it because I'm asking nicely.  Don't do it because Teresa's the very deserving Atheist of the Year[3].

Do it because the kid needs to eat.  Do it because it's the right thing to do.

And for what it's worth, my belief that atheists would step up is not without evidence.  The page was newly created, and thus at $0, half an hour ago when I started typing this (and trying to get my crappy computer to cooperate with the donation page).  Now it's already at $385.  I bet our community could get this goal achieved overnight.


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