Monday, April 8, 2013

Camp Quest Oklahoma Kicked Out Of Their Own Fundraiser

During a fundraiser for Camp Quest Oklahoma at Oklahoma Joe's, they were asked to leave, specifically because they are a secular organization.

You can see the various details on Reddit[1].  Oklahoma Joe's stance appears to be that they didn't realize that the Camp Quest is associated with atheists and is secular[2] when they agreed to the fundraiser[3].  That's their defense, to admit that they would have rejected the fundraiser, for a summer camp for kids, if they had known that the people running the camp dare to run it in a secular manner, which really just means that they don't preach to the kids.  They think that's a defense?

Camp Quest Oklahoma's table at Skepticon was right next to the tables I was volunteering at, so I got to meet a few of their volunteers.  They're wonderful people.  Any kid would be lucky to spend a week at camp with them.

It's unfortunate.  I've often made a point to go to Oklahoma Joe's whenever I'm in Kansas City.  Now I'll be making a point to never go there again.  Luckily, they've made a point of separating themselves from the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma location[8].

You can donate to Camp Quest Oklahoma here[4], or Camp Quest in general here[5].

Update:  Camp Quest Oklahoma also has a Kickstarter for their art project[6][7].

Update2:  I linked to his entries, but I forgot to include that Dave Muscato was on this like Donkey Kong, showing me that American Atheists made a good hire (as if I didn't already know that the moment I learned they'd hired him).

Update3:  I've added a correction regarding the association of the Kansas City Oklahoma Joe's and the one where this incident occurred in Oklahoma.


  1. Great to read so many smart folks speaking up about this.