Thursday, December 6, 2012

Only 83%?

Hemant Mehta posted today about a study on why people oppose or support gay marriage.

Hemant correctly inferred that the answers, that didn't specifically reference religion, were still really about religion.
So basically, many people who oppose marriage equality do so for religious reasons, not rational ones.
You already knew this, of course.
But I don't think he want far enough.   While the option about civil unions and the "Other" & "No opinion" do leave room for them to be considered as something other than religion, do you think the people who answered that way actually have non-religious reasons for their opposition to marriage equality?

We cannot flat out say those reasons are also religious, because of intellectual integrity, but what else could they be?  The only times I've ever heard any reason provided other than religion were an obvious troll (or possibly just a moron) calling into the Atheist Experience and Russell Glasser referencing some e-mails.  I would love a chance to have a conversation with a non-religious homophobe.  Although, I don't expect their reasoning to hold up any better than the other bigots.

Credit:  @AtheismResource

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