Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jesus Would Be On Facebook & Twitter?

German priest Robert Zollitsch has declared that, if Jesus were alive today, he would be on Facebook & Twitter.
Head of Germany's Catholic Church, Robert Zollitsch, has given everyone celebrating something new to think about the Christmas story. Zollitsch told a German newspaper that if Jesus were alive today, he'd be Facebook friends with all of his followers. "Fundamentally all media are suited to bring the word of God to the people," he told German paper The Local. "Jesus would certainly today be on Facebook and Twitter."
I think he's right. Why Jesus wouldn't Jesus use social media? Deepak Chopra & John Edward use it. Why would Jesus be any different? Although, being that popular, and getting a message to the masses, today, without using the Internet, would certainly be helpful in proving his claims of divinity.  It shouldn't be that difficult for a god.

And if Jesus is a god, wouldn't he already be capable of signing up for Facebook & Twitter?  He wouldn't even need a computer.  He could even be popular on Friendster or My Space.  I bet that would be compelling evidence for many skeptics.

Credit: @mashable


  1. Nothing will ever be compelling evidence of ANY sceptic. If Jesus Himself appeared in front of an atheist, s/he would come up with a natural explanation for why s/he thought that had happened. Jesus' appearing would be a miracle, but atheists don't believe in miracles and so it would require an materialist means to explain it away.

  2. Please don't make blanket statements about what atheists & skeptics (not necessarily mutually inclusive, by the way) believe. You don't speak for me. If Jesus, or the god he's supposedly associated with, were real they would know how to prove it.

    Not believing in miracles doesn't mean we wouldn't believe one if we saw it. It means we haven't seen one.

    1. I agree, being skeptical does not mean being closed minded. I question the existence of gods because I have not seen any proof of any. If someone or something were to appear before me and claim to be a god, I would have a lot of questions for them before I would believe them. Any idiot can say they are the second coming of Jesus, and many have.