Monday, October 7, 2013

Sometimes Companies Fix Errors With Class

Part of my morning routine involves checking a small Facebook list I have that includes Shirt.Woot's page[1], so I can see what new t-shirt they have available.  This morning, they had an interesting new pair of shirts[2].

Maybe you noticed the same limitation I did.  It leaves out homosexuals.  Other Woot members noticed the same thing, and spoke up about it on the comments section[3].  So what did Woot do about it?

They fixed it[4]  by adding 2 new options[5], gave them the 1st day price for the first 24 hours, and will have all 4 available on the same page after that.

It makes me happy when a place where I spend money does something inclusive.  It's not that I'd have boycotted[6] them if they hadn't fixed it.  To be honest, I likely wouldn't have even noticed.  But that just makes this that much better.

Well done, Shirt Woot peoples.


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