Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Radio Host Gives "Psychic" His Due While Others Promote Them

Morning radio in Omaha could use a dose of skepticism.  I wish we had more hosts like Minnesota's Cory Cove.  A "psychic" was in his studio, and Cory let the guy have it[1].

98.5's Pat & JT[2] have an astrologer on regularly. 94.1 frequently has Rebecca Rosen[3] on to pretend to talk to the dead relatives of the grieving.  Both stations have "Psychic Andy"[4] on to spew his bullshit[5].  Pat & JT are even promoting him and some other forms of nonsense during an event they're calling “Pat and JT: After Dark!”[6].  They're somehow affiliated with the Twitter account @OmaHaunts[7] that exists to promote nonsense.

This is the actual video they're saying is evidence of this bullshit[8].

Media outlets are promoting this crap in my town.  While they're not journalists, they should still at least be held to the standard of basic reality.

By promoting frauds like Rosen & Andy, they're doing real harm.  They lend credibility to scams.  People spend hard earned money on this shit, while foregoing real help.  Especially dangerous is the "healing" Andy & his sister offer[9].
Holistic Healings
This service is for those who have suffered long enough and are not seeing results from Western medicine.  Its for those who want to be proactive in enhancing their positive personal energy. Energy Transfer by Elizabeth is a hands-off approach to healing which means she does not touch you as she does the energy work. She is able to pull the negative energy causing aches, pains, emotional blockages and replace it with positive, healing energy that brings you back to your true potential.

Elizabeth Myers
$55 Pet Energy Sessions- House calls
*Discounted price for Cancer patients- Call The Center for more info
It's disturbing to think about how many people, with real cancer, have skipped real medicine and instead let this quack pretend to do "energy work", whatever the fuck that is.  People die because this fraud is allowed.

Contact information for Pat & JT & Q 98.5:
Studio Hotline: 402-962-9898
Business Line: 402-342-2000

Channel 94.1:
Contact Page[13]
Phone:  402-938-9400

These stations should be ashamed of themselves for promoting fraud.  Good thing for me, there's other radio stations for those rare times I'm actually listening to terrestrial radio.  Because I won't be listening to either of these while they still have this shit on their air.

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  1. It's possible for one to see the beauty of this gift w/an open mind- As a former skeptic- I am in awe of Rebecca's gift- I wish everyone could have the opportunity as I have had- I am forever grateful to have crossed paths with her- & always looking forward to meeting up again!

    1. The only gift she has is the ability to bullshit the gullible.

      Believing in psychics doesn't make you open minded. It makes you gullible. Being open minded isn't about just believing whatever people present. It's about being open to being proven wrong.

      Being a skeptic simply means needing evidence for it. And there's simply no evidence for the existence of psychic powers. None. If there were, this would be a radically different world. But there isn't. There's just con artists with parlor tricks and the willingness to prey on the emotionally vulnerable.

      It's sick, and these people belong in prison.