Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crocodile Tears About Norm MacDonald

The Blaze[1] & Big Hollywood[2] are both accusing atheists on Twitter of bullying comedian Norm MacDonald into silence.

MacDonald expressed his faith in a tweet while responding to an inquiry[3].

He got some responses to that expression from a few who didn't agree.

These are the examples they provided of the "bullying".  The idea that these tweets qualify as bullying is weak sauce. None of them threatened him. No one even suggested he should not express his opinion. If they had done so, that sure as fuck would have been included in both articles.

MacDonald would have been just fine if he had left the tweets there. Deleting them was his own choice. Personally, I'm more disappointed that he deleted them than that he said it in the first place. I enjoyed his comedy before this contrived controversy. I don't see how this incident would change that.

The Big Hollywood article that started this ends with:
Atheists and secularists won’t be satisfied until they bully every last religious person into silence. And as Macdonald could tell you, that’s not funny at all.
That's what this is really about. They are determined to paint us a particular way, so they grasp at straws to twist innocuous events to fit that mold. It's horseshit. But, then again, horseshit is what Beck & Breitbart deal in best.

This is how scared they are of us. They make up stupid shit like this. If they want to see truly despicable words, they should see their own comments section.

Or some of the tweets on the issue.

And what did the guy who started it all have to say about it?

Those are not the words of a bully.

I will call atheists out when they're behaving inappropriately[4] and I adamantly oppose the practice of blaming the victim[5].  But simply speaking up in opposition to religion does not qualify as bullying.

Bullying did occur here, but it wasn't by the atheists.  This whole thing is an attempt to shame us into silence.  It's pathetic and should not be tolerated.


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