Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Questions For So-Called "Pro-Life" People

Today, the Facebook page Bigot Vanquisher has posed a few questions[1] on the issue of abortion that I think are worth sharing.
For those who are 'against' pregnancy termination, would you answer the following questions please?

1) If a woman accidentally gets pregnant (because she is a stupid whore, obviously) do you think she should be forced to carry the pregnancy? How far would you be willing to go to make sure she carried the pregnancy to term?

2) If abortion was illegal and a woman got an alley-abortion and managed not to die, but got caught, what should her punishment be?

3) Would you rather a young woman had access to an early pregnancy termination, or put her newborn baby in a dumpster or toilet?
I have some of my own to add.
  1. How much of a tax increase would you be willing to accept to provide the universal healthcare for pregnant women to keep them healthy enough to prevent the complications that are the reason for most late-term abortions?

  2. How much of a tax increase would you be willing to accept to provide for the care of the children who would have otherwise been aborted?

  3. Have you lobbied your legislative representation to make those changes happen?

  4. If against your taxes going up for programs that would reduce abortions, how do you justify calling yourself "Pro-Life".

  5. Have you ever lobbied to have our military budget cut?

  6. If you support our military spending, how do you reconcile that with calling yourself "Pro-Life"?


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