Saturday, April 19, 2014

Right Wing Group Priaises Ellen DeGeneres's Oscars Hosting, Ignores Her Sexuality

As far as I can tell, the Parents Television Council does not advertise themselves as religious, unlike the Family Research Council.  But they are definitely right wing, founded by Brent Bozell who also founded the Media Research Center, a group dedicated to bitching about the "liberal media".

So, I was surprised when I found that the Parents Television Council had such high praise for Ellen Degeneres' hosting of the Oscars.  It wasn't that long ago that Bozell himself was spreading some anti-gay hate or were including DeGeneres in their rants against Hollywood's "Homosexual Agenda".

This time, they didn't mention her sexuality at all.  They were just glad she wasn't Seth MacFarlane.  It's just one instance, and I'm sure they'll get back to hating on homosexuals, but I see this as a big step forward.  Slowly, but surely, they're realizing that they're losing their fight against homosexuality.  They're starting to figure out that it's not a fight they can win.

As Seth MacFarlane said about a different movement, "It's about fuckin' time."

Because, as MacFarlane says in the same clip, while the bigots are trying to decide if they're okay with gay people having the same rights as everyone else, they're waiting to get on with their fucking lives.

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