Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Elected Representative Does Not Understand What Religious Freedom Is

My Congressional Representative, Lee Terry, posted this statement about Hobby Lobby's Supreme Court case.

Congressman Lee Terry (R-NE) today made the following statement on the oral arguments before the Supreme Court today on the Hobby Lobby case in the support of religious freedom:
“Today, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments on behalf of individuals who under Obamacare feel that their constitutional right to religious freedom has been violated.
“Our nation’s motto is ‘In God We Trust’ and it couldn’t be more clear. Every single American should have the freedom to practice their faith and protect their conscious separate from cumbersome federal mandates. I want to add my voice in support of these Americans who have unjustly been coerced by an overreaching Administration and forced to choose between their God and their government.”
I'll ignore the many issues just in his invocation (pun intended) of "In God We Trust", or his less than subtle presumption that all Americans believe in a god, for now.  That's another fight for another day.

The issue for today is Hobby Lobby, who is demanding the right to ignore the ACA mandate to cover birth control within health insurance for its employees.  They are demanding that the religion of their owners limit the healthcare options of their employees.

To illustrate the problem with that, here's something from Keith Lowell Jensen.

That is not religion freedom.  That is religious oppression.  It's a violation of the religious freedom of every employee of Hobby Lobby.  No one should be forced to find another job, or go without proper healthcare, just because their employer doesn't want to follow the law.

From the comments of Terry's statement:

Hobby Lobby is not requesting religious freedom.  They're demanding special privilege to ignore the law.

By supporting Hobby Lobby, Lee Terry is supporting religious oppression. Not religious freedom. Religious freedom would be everyone following the same laws, regardless of their religion. Religious freedom is NOT everyone but Christians following the law.

My representation in Washington DC needs a grade school level civics lesson.

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