Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Omaha Has A Few Crazy Ass Religious People

I'm a weird atheist.  I listen to Christian radio.  I go to church[1].  Not only that, but I'm an atheist who feels bad when he goes too long without going to church.  But it's not so much guilt as it is regret in missing a show that seems like it would be fun.  Plus, it's guilt for not working on a project I care about continuing.

Recently, I've had an abundance of places I'm interested in visiting.  A local church's banner recently got the attention of Reddit.  I made it to that place and wrote about it[2].  But there's a few other, less open minded churches, I'm still eager to investigate.  I still need to make it to Candlewood Church, the people behind the creepy[3] UNO student group The Rock[4].

I was mildly curious about Wellspring Lutheran Church before Hemant first wrote about their crazy ass pastor[5].  That made me quite interested in seeing them up close.  My interest grew when their pastor caught Hemant's attention again[6] by thinking magic is real.

Now another church in Omaha that I was mildly interested in has been moved up to the top of the list, Westside Church, in Omaha.  One of their members, Amber Dee Parker, has written a book for kids to teach them to hate[7].

Endorsed by the American Family Association[8]?  If that was all you knew about this book, that would be enough to know it's anti-gay.  The fact that this woman used an interracial couple[9] for this hate-pushing book is deliciously hilarious.

I'm eager to see what her church is like.  I've got a feeling she's far from the only hateful person in there, which makes me sad because it's a massive building.

Her promotional video[10] for this piece of shit has garnered  a couple of responses on YouTube.

Thanks to that video, I now know what she looks like.  If she's there when I am, I might get to call her a hate monger to her face.  That should be fun.

And if church members see this before I get there and kick me out, then it'll simply be a different kind of fun.

3.  I've heard some very disturbing stories from students describing them as very cult-like.


  1. I hope you made it to the church and I cannot wait for the update. This lady needs to get her head checked if she thinks teaching bigotry is a good thing.

    1. I was there yesterday. Saw no sign of her though.