Saturday, July 20, 2013

Christian Shows What He Thinks Of The Atheist Monument, Doesn't Use His Brain

Many Christians weren't happy about the Atheist Monument[1] that recently went up in Florida.  One in particular recently did what we all knew was inevitable.  Vandalism.

Photo Source:  American Atheists[2]
Fortunately, it's minor damage that hopefully can simply be washed off.  Although, the point is how brazen people think they can be in committing such acts.  They think they can damage our shit with no consequences, because of the out of control Christian privilege.  They're so bold with it, this guy photographed it and posted it on American Atheists' Facebook page[3] to brag about it.

Note their response to it.  They've alerted the police and will let them decide what to do about it.  That's what it takes to show people like Mr Osborne that they we're not going to take their abuse.  A previous proactive response to something is what prompted my decision to join American Atheists.  This makes me glad I did.  Both were done by Dave Muscato, American Atheists' Public Relations Director[4].  He was a good hire, and now I think I can say that without it because of the personal bias I have from having known and respected him before he got that job.

Imagine how Christians would react if an atheist did this to any Ten Commandments monument.  They wouldn't simply alert police.  They'd lose their fucking minds over it.  They'd be out for blood.

We already know how Dave Silverman would react to it.  He'd denounce it[5].  I wonder how many Christians will do the same.  I wonder how many will praise it.  There's sure to be Christians of both kinds, but I wonder which group will be larger.  I have my suspicions, but time will tell.


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