Tuesday, August 5, 2014

There Is No Need To Straw Man Ray Comfort

A post about something awful Ray Comfort said has started to go around.

If your first thought is that it must be fake, you're in the same boat I was.  Ray Comfort is an idiot and a habitual liar, but this seems way too much for even him.

He's said so himself.
A number of people have received the following post, saying it was from me. I would never say such horrible things. If you get one of these, please give the details to Manuel@livingwaters.com and we will follow this up. Thank you.
"Slavery is all a part of history. It was a good and bad thing all together. It was good that African Americans were willing to work for scraps to better our beautiful country. The downside is with all this liberation, interracial marriages have skyrocketed. Jesus was a white man, and if we continue this path, all white men will be gone in the next 3 generations. This is when he will come back for the day of judgment."
I have no love for Comfort, and I'm skeptical of just about everything he puts out, but I do believe him here.  There's no evidence he said the awful thing above.  Whoever created that image is an asshole.  If we lie about him like that, we're no better than he is.

We have plenty of material to make Ray Comfort look like an asshole.  He gives it to us himself all the time.


  1. The troll did it wrong. He should have tied bananas to slavey to show how it was all their gods design.

  2. Hey Ray..... Feeding Christians to Lions was also one of the best parts of history.....