Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A New Trend In Christmas Decorations?

I don't know if this is a new thing or if I'm just now noticing it, but there seems to be a new trend in Christmas decorations.  Please excuse the shittiness of the pictures, the were taken with a cell phone.  That's what happens when I have to take my own pictures instead of getting them from Biblename Foto.

This classy house has a nice collection of items.  

In the middle of that mess, they bothered to include a nativity.

Also in there, was this penguin.

In another part of town, there's a house with the same style of decoration on each side of its lawn.  On the left, it's a nativity.

And on the right, it's penguins caroling.

Elsewhere, I found this nativity in the empty lot next to a house.

In front of that house were these penguins.

In another yard, there's Santa's penguin army.

In the same neighborhood as Santa's penguin army is this penguin army.


This yard has some penguins fiddling with an inflatable mailbox as some snowmen & Winnie the Pooh watch.

I'm pretty that thing on the left is a penguin.

This penguin, its house's only decoration, is hiding in a bush, apparently not realizing what Winter does to that kid of bush.

So, as this Christmas Day comes to a close, I'm left wondering something about the Christians who celebrated it.  What's a more important part of Christmas to them, Jesus or penguins?

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