Thursday, November 7, 2013

Greece v Galloway Plaintiff Joins Secular Coalition For America Weekly Conference Call

The Secular Coalition For America[1] does a weekly conference call each Thursday at noon (Eastern time).  This week, they were joined by Linda Stephens,[2] one of the plaintiffs for Greece v. Galloway[3], a case challenging prayer in public meetings which has been taken all way to the Supreme Court[4].

Stephens talked about how prayer, and Christianity has apparently been used in the town of Greece by a town official to increase his own political power, including how a mega church in town passes out biased voter guides.  I only have her word to go on here, but it's definitely something worth investigating further for anyone in the area who cares about Church, State Separation.

It's not far fetched to think what Stephens said is happening could be true.  It's not like churches aren't doing shady things in regards to elections[5].

She also spoke briefly about some of the harassment she and Susan Galloway received as a result of the case, including mentioning that the harassment made one of the other plaintiffs back out.  This also isn't unsurprising, considering what happens to atheists who don't want to pray even without suing[6].  And we all know Jessica Ahlquist's story[7].

For more on the case, see Americans United[8].  For updates, follow SCOTUS Blog[9].  Or just pay attention, because once the decision is announced, it'll be hard to miss.  Especially if they actually do the right thing, which would cause Fox News, and the rest of the right wing media, to lose their minds.


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