Friday, September 13, 2013

Atheist Conference's Website 'Hacked'

This morning, Apostacon[1] announced on their Facebook[2] that their website had been hacked.  The hackers left signs all over the site and even affected the pricing of the conference tickets.  The good news is we know who the hackers are.

Cartoon ninjas.

With what they did to the Speakers page[3], they seem to have implicated two of the speakers in this crime as well.

Sarah Morehead as a ninja
JT Eberhard
Some of the other speakers have taken on the pirate role, to fight off the ninjas.

Darrel Ray as a pirate
Jamila Bey as a pirate
I can't tell which side David Silverman is on based on his hat.

I suspect that you've figured out by now that they weren't actually hacked.  It's a clever campaign by the Apostacon people to lower prices for one day and get some attention.  Anyone following their Facebook should have seen some hints of this coming.

August 25
You're Next[4]
August 26
Not a butter knife[5]
August 29
Nunchucks on the poop deck[6]
August 31
Pirate surgeon?[7]
September 2
Weird nails[8]
September 4
Sketch of the suspect[9]

September 10
I guess pirates don't play jacks[10]
September 13
Ninjas reveal themselves[11]

These ninjas might not be very good at ninjaing.  They foreshadowed their attack for weeks and have revealed their departure time (prices go back up at midnight tonight).  But anyone familiar with Shirt Woot already knows that cartoon ninjas aren't always good at their jobs[12].


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