Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Brilliance Of @PattonOswalt

If you were on Twitter tonight, whether you follow Patton Oswalt[1] or not, you may have seen some interesting tweets from him.

Well, that doesn't look good.  Each one of these tweets from his rant tonight expresses a sentiment that would be disappointing to see expressed from someone you respect.  But, there's a funny thing about Twitter.  They have a 140 character limit, so people often split thoughts into multiple tweets.  Here's the entire rant.

Another funny thing about Twitter is how face paced it is.  It's not uncommon to only see one tweet from a series.  Sometimes people only see part of something said, and do not bother researching further to see what the entire thought was being expressed.  So they irrationally get mad at someone for something they know that person wouldn't have done instead of taking the effort to actually figure out what's going on.

Then there's the people who miss the entire point.  Some people just don't get humor.

But, some people do get it.

Some others appreciate what happened tonight.

Count me among those who appreciate it.  Context matters.  And this lesson in that was fucking brilliant.


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