Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Commentary On A Chick Tract About D&D

I've mentioned before that I love Chick Tracts. They're hilarious. In a recent conversation about gaming, someone linked to one.  This is a perfect example of why I love these things.  It perfectly demonstrates how clueless these people are.

They have the roles reversed here.  A DM doesn't tell a player what they player is going to do.  The player tells the DM what they want to and the DM tells the player if it was successful.

"I declare her dead"?  The DM is a referee in the game, not a god.

Was Elfstar a Cleric or a Witch?  Make up your damn mind.

Do these people think magic is real?

Is she playing D&D alone?  

If she killed herself over a dead character in a game, she had problems way beyond anything D&D could affect, even if it were like these people seem to think it is.

I thought they had moved her growth out of the game?  If they're doing real magic, why are they still worried about their characters?  Plus, wasn't Elfstar a level 8 Cleric?  She was only 1 level away from being able bring Marcie back.

Wait, did D&D give Debbie/Elfstar a split personality?

Yeah, Debbie that's the best way to get out of a cult.  Join a new cult.

What's the lesson we're supposed to get from this comic?  What I get from it is that D&D can result in real world magical powers and if you're stupid enough to want to give that up, you can do so by talking to a guy with a creepy porn 'stache.

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